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Fulton County DUI Attorney Kenneth Mitchell, Jr. has successfully represented DUI clients all over Georgia.  As a former Prosecutor, his experience is the difference. Attorney Mitchell has helped many people with complicated DUI cases throughout all of Fulton County.

Most Fulton County arrests are conducted by the Georgia State Patrol or a police officer from a local municipality within Fulton County. Each Court is different, which is why it is important to hire professionals that know the law and procedures relevant to your case.

Fulton County Georgia is a County of Municipal Courts:

If you are stopped for a DUI in Fulton County you are likely to be arrested by the police from one of the following cities:

This means that your case will begin in the city's municipal court, which is an advantage to the accused because there is a financial motivation for the municipal court to resolve the case early. Your Fulton County DUI Attorney also has the ability to negotiate at the municipal court level. However, if you are unable to resolve the case in municipal court, then the case can be transferred to the Fulton County State Court for a jury trial. As a result, Fulton County DUI Attorneys have two opportunities to resolve your Fulton County DUI case. An experienced Fulton County DUI Attorney understands how to use the two court systems (Municipal and State Court) to your advantage.

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